Teaching is one of the finest professions in the world! But new teachers are often thrown into the college world without having had the opportunity to explore it. For several, it may also be a first experience as a unionized worker – another world to discover.

The purpose of the present guide is to make new teachers more familiar with the ins and outs of the college environment. Approaching their working environment in full knowledge of the facts will foster positive involvement on behalf of new teachers and make their participation in college life a plus for the entire community.

First, you will be briefly introduced to the roles and operation of the union and Federation, two excellent venues to understand the organization of the college world, that also provide good ways to improve it. Then, information on teaching staff rights and obligations will enable new teachers to find out about the most important elements related to their work and arising from the Collective Agreement.

Feel free to contact your union for any additional information.

The FEC-CSQ wishes you a rewarding career!

Important Documents